The testimonials here are from customers who have had their eZee bikes for at least 2 years and ample opportunity to try other electric bikes. They show how an eZeebike has made a positive difference to their lives.

Carmina from Chile

Carmina from Chile


“I’ve had my eZee Sprint now for over 2 years. I ride it everyday to go
anywhere in this big city, and it has never let me down. It goes
faster than a regular bike, I can travel longer distances, going
uphill is easy, I don’t arrive at destination all sweaty and tired,
and I still get as much exercise as I choose to! Traffic doesn’t
affect me, finding parking is not an issue. My quality of life has
improved significantly thanks to this one object.” – Carmina




Roberto Simone - Naples

Roberto Simone – Naples


“After about 3 years and 4000 Km I am very satisfied from my Ezee Forza. It brings me easily to work every day along slopes and hills up to 6-8%, helping in keeping my ideal weight and significantly contributing to my diabetes control.

I choose a two parallel 10 Ah battery solution to prevent excessive voltage decrease under heavy loads. Now I can take full advantage of the high engine power of Ezee bikes for more than 80 km, while preserving at the same time batteries life. Thank you Ezee, you changed my life!”

– Roberto De Simone
Aggregate Professor of Neurology
Headache Centre director
University Federico II of Naples





Peter from Sydney

“I bought my eZee Sprint mid 2010 from the ebike aficionados at Glowworm in Marrickville and loved it so much I bought a second this year! I now have 2 e-bikes … So much more polite to offer a daughter or guest to join you ! For a start I am now 14 again and no one has coton ‘d on!! Everyone thinks that I am an Eco sound over 60s dude that is keeping one less car on the road. The eZee bikes are not designed to be just the most efficient transport systems known to man … They are also a liberator from the joint tyrannies of age AND distance ! You know that the tyres are bullet proof, that all the bits won’t let u down! It’s  the ride of a superhero … And no Abbot lookalike in lycra is going to overtake you … Not so eZee mate! The throttle cuts down any bike fit Nazi and the smooth gear changes (hub) and silent drive give you that flying at naval altitude rush ….It ain’t about saving the bucks or the planet…. (and sure it does both!) It’s about life being just that much better when you’re riding a great e-bike . And the eZee bikes are just that. The risks of doing battle on ribbons of combustable carnage are great enough without riding anything but the most robust and dependable steed.. ” – Peter





Tim from South Africa

“I have been riding a Forza eZeebike for two years now and love it!  I live in Honolulu, Hawaii and I am able to get to most locations easily, quickly and safely using my eZeebike.  Everywhere I need to be is within 10 miles, so I never run out of power.  When I get home, I just charge the battery and it usually does not take very long to charge. I’ve always been environmentally minded and I feel that automobiles pose a real threat to the environment and our quality of life.  It makes me feel good to know that Iam saving money for myself while also doing my part to conserve Earth’s resources.  Being pretty athletic myself, I also enjoy the fact that I can pedal as much as I want and don’t have to rely solely on the motor if I choose. I also enjoy the feeling of safety I have in being able to ride in automobile lanes and be able to accelerate quickly enough from traffic lights that I do not slow down traffic.  Similarly, I find comfort in being able to accelerate quickly out of dangerous situations.   I would very much recommend the eZeebike to anyone who is considering an alternate form of transportation.” – Tim Jeffryes

Samantha from queensland


“I live on the Esplanade and I am raising my 1 year old granddaughter so I wanted some way of getting out and about and seeing more of the beautiful scenery so opted for your Carro trike, it took some time to find a child seat that would fit this trike and we were told no one can not be fitted, but with some help and a lot of searching we found one that fits perfectly. My granddaughter loves going out for a leisurely ride, I can’t see her but I do hear her as we ride along, she says Weeee weeee!  So thank you for building such a quality trike, it is wonderful and well worth the money :-)” – Samantha Queensland


Lexie Pieters.

I fell into the world of electric bikes in my head many years ago.  When I first inquired about them at a fancy bike shop in Wellington I was made to feel totally inferior by the young fit attendant who scorned at the very idea of an electric bike.  After fighting the demons of tradition for many years.  I started to research electric bikes and chose Ezee bikes and am so very glad I did.

Last November just after the parliamentary election I received my very own beautiful ezee bike.  A beige spirit arrived at Lincoln School in Kathmandu Nepal in a big brown box.  I was so excited but also daunted at the assembly of such a beast.  Fortunately the Nepalese people are so helpful and within minutes Ram a biking enthusiast and two guards and custodians were putting it together as I stood back and watched with anticipation.

That night I wobbled home clutching the handle bars and walking my new purchase across busy roads.  Riding in cities was something I did while a young adult in the Netherlands hence sitting on a bike was 30 years foreign.

During the winter I rode to school every day except Wednesdays about a 6km round trip.  This does not sound far I know, but I am in Kathmandu and the ride each morning is full of adventure – cows, banana lorries, impatient bikers, wandering pedestrians and traffic.  Navigating this chaos is something I dread and enjoy at the same time.  Then winter turned to spring, and my daily ride to and from school included one more day.

On Wednesday I ride with a fit young man who rides a 12 speed giant.  I am proud to say with the peddle-assist I am able to keep pace with him and even over take him on the steep parts.  The grey old lady passes with a smile and the strong young lad sweats curses.

I believe an electric bike is safer as it gives you the opportunity to have instant speed when a situation is very tight.  If my boss had an electric motor on his fancy bike he would not have lost momentum going up a steep incline last weekend and would not have a broken shoulder today.

During summer while I was home in NZ I purchased the ezee bike panniers from the electric bike hub.  These have taken my biking experience to another level.  No longer am I restricted to what fits in my backpack but have these amazing saddle bags that I can fit everything in.  The monsoon confirmed that the bags are water-proof  and I confirmed the bags were a better option than purchasing a front basket.

So thank you Wai Won and Jace Hobbs for your amazing product and thank you for the great service.  It is possible to have an Ezee bike in a country far away with the support of great people who believe in their product.


Lexie Pieters