Relaxed Fridays – ezee conversion kit / Velo-a-porter

Sarah Imm purchased an eZee Sprint in 2013 and had an ezee conversion kit installed on her Nihola since 2011.  Maurice from Glowworm Bicycles in Marrickville, Australia helped her out.  Maybe you've seen her in zipping around in Sydney? Her blog Vélo-à-Porter encourages women to ride a bicycle not just for exercise but also for a great lifestyle. Her tagline is "Stylish Cycling Every Day." Check it out!

IMG_3905  My son Julius and I spend Fridays together. He is nearly four and seems to really enjoy the Friday routine. It includes a swimming lesson for him, shopping, and lunch with Justin, my husband. After lunch he watches a little television while I make dinner and do a little work. Then we pick my daughter Ofelia up from school in the Nihola tricycle. The best thing about the day for me? I really enjoy the opportunity for a cuddle from my young son.

All kids need to learn how to swim here in Sydney. There are so many pools and the beach culture is highly developed. Julius is a Dolphin now. The class names make me laugh. He was a Crab for a little while. Then a Snapper. Lately, he’s developed an aversion to putting his head under water. It will pass. I usually have a chat with a friend and watch him develop his skills. He’s usually ravenous afterwards and has a snack followed by a shower at the pool. This is a timesaver. No shower in the evening!


Afterwards, we grocery shop with the Nihola. The cabin can hold an entire week of groceries and Julius. If it’s raining and we need to attach the cover, it can carry even more. I’m teaching my son the names of fruits and vegetables. I give him a plastic bag and ask him to put three lemons in it. We will work up to artichokes later. He loves to weigh things on the scales too. He’s learning about numbers at preschool which ties in nicely.


After shopping, we ride home and Julius helps me to carry a few of the lighter bags and holds the lift door open. I usually park the Nihola next to the lift door which makes unloading much easier. Julius is a little scared of the lift. A few times, the lift doors have closed and he has been alone with bags of groceries. Our building is only four stories tall and there isn’t much traffic during the day. But twice the doors have closed because someone else has called it. Of course, he started wailing. By the time the lift returned, his face was wet with tears. Time for a cuddle.

I put the groceries away and by this time it will be lunch. I don’t know who is the hungrier! Depending on my husband’s schedule, we’ll either ride to his office via the Kent Street Cycleway, meet somewhere in the city, or have lunch in our neighbourhood. It’s a special time just the three of us. It’s a different pace. And parking is not a problem.

We return home on the Nihola after lunch and have some quiet time. I usually get started on dinner and do a little work. He might watch a little television before we pick up Ofelia from school. We usually have a cuddle on the sofa too.

Picking up Ofelia from school is quick. We either come home or go to the playground for a play afterwards. And then dinner, shower for her and bed for the two of them. I don’t think all of this would be possible by car as parking is in short supply in Sydney. I find that I am relaxed on Fridays because I don’t have to contend with either traffic or parking. The Nihola with eZee conversion is an integral part of our lives and part of our relaxed Fridays.

Happy Cycling!

X Sarah

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