Going home on a Saturday

Sarah Imm purchased an eZee Sprint in 2013 and had an ezee conversion kit installed on her Nihola since 2011.  Maurice from Glowworm Bicycles in Marrickville, Australia helped her out.  Maybe you've seen her in zipping around in Sydney? Her blog Vélo-à-Porter encourages women to ride a bicycle not just for exercise but also for a great lifestyle. Her tagline is "Stylish Cycling Every Day." Check it out!

I was riding home on my eZee Sprint one Saturday night after dinner with friends. It was a chilly autumn evening. I stopped at the corner of Park and College Streets. A young man, who was riding a road bike, stopped next to me at the lights. He had dark curly hair and was also dressed for a night out with friends. There was no one else around on the shared bicycle and footpath. He asked me, “Is it hard for you to ride?” and pumped his a fist at chest-height. I detected a French accent.”With French as another language in our household, my suspicions were correct. “Dans une jupe?” I continued. (“In a skirt?”) He was surprised. “Vous etes Francaise?” (“Are you French?”) he asked me. “Non.” I said.


I explained to him in English that I’m American but via South Korea. And also that I was riding a bicycle with an electric motor. It wasn’t at all difficult to ride in a skirt and heels. “Wow!” he said. He was impressed. “But do you live here in Sydney?” “Yes.” I said. “For how long?” he asked. “Thirteen years.” I responded. He explained that he had been here for two and that he liked it a lot. He didn’t want to go back to France. All of this in a few minutes while waiting for the light to change.

When it turned green, I said “See you!” and took off. The acceleration on the eZee Sprint is fierce and is especially useful on hills. Later, after I had stopped at the corner of Oxford and College Streets, I could see him looking around for me, the product of such a lovely conversation. He continued up Oxford Street while I made my way home.