Epic Ride by Phillip Byme

Retired Public Official , 65 years old with many years of bicycle touring experience has recently completed an epic ride on the eZee Forza.


“ I have to say I am happy with the quality and reliability of the Forza.  I have ridden from the Snowy Mountains across to Adelaide, up the Mawson Trail to the Flinders Ranges and back across outback NSW to Tamworth, then back to the Snowies, a distance of more than 5000 km carrying a load of 130 kgs ( bike , gear and rider ).”

Phil Byrne 2015_1014SnowytoFlinders0004

“I had only 1 puncture the whole way.  The Forza was outstanding over all sorts of terrain, bitumen roads, gravel roads, rough rocky tracks along the Mawson Trail and came through with flying colours.”

Phil Byrne WP_20150830_13_19_44_Pro

“As I ride solo and unsupported, it is essential to have a reliable and trustworthy bike and the eZee is certainly that.”

Phul Byrne WP_20150916_09_16_04_Pro

From the eZee team, our congratulations to Phil for his outstanding adventurous spirit, courage, stamina, and strength of the mind in completing that 5000 km Epic ride through very tough trails.  Yes, all are important, I know for I have done the Perth to Sydney ride 5500 km at age 64 with my 2 riding partners at age 29 though I would not make it on the very first day.