Forza – Magnesium alloy suspension front fork

Forza - Magnesium alloy suspension front fork

Forza – Off-Road version

Forza - Off Road version blue

Forza – Off-road version

Forza - Off-road version - Green

Forza – Rear wheel drive with Shimano Deore 9 Speed

Rear wheel drive with Shimano Deore 9 Speed

Forza – Off Road Hybrid Electric Bike


Forza – Off Road Hybrid Electric Bike

The Forza silently eliminates the strains of headwinds and hills. Its Shimano 9 Speed Deore rear sprockets and derailleur coupled with our unique high performance motor smoothly powers your ride. It has quickly become a popular choice for off road electric bicycle tourers  but also riders who prioritize the ride quality of a rear wheel drive electric bicycle and the comfort from the long travel from suspension forks. The long travel at the front raises the bottom bracket higher off the ground than other models, providing more clearance over rocks and branches and also creating a relaxed cruising riding position.



7003 Al Alloy
Frame Seat Tube Height: 20″
Zoom ZXR AMS Magnesium alloy 120mm travel
Shimano 9 Speed Deore, 48T Prowheel Al Alloy Chainwheel, KMC 11/128 Z51RB
Option: Shimano Alfine, NuVinci N360
Shimano M375 Disc Brakes (Front Rotor 180mm, Rear Rotor 160mm)
Option: Hydraulic Disc Brakes with E-Cut off
26″¬†Weinmann Rigida SP 17 Alloy Rims,
Sandvik SS 13g Spokes, Schwalbe MTB 26″
option: Schwalbe MTB Marathon Plus Tyres
Cat-Eye Velo 8 Cycle computer, Brass bell, Al. alloy central kick stand

Electric System

eZee Rear Motor – EU 250W: 25km/h. USA 500W: 20 mph, AU 200W
Polished die cast Aluminum motor hub. Option: Anodized black hub
Li+ Battery 36V 15Ah, 4 amps Smart Charger
Option: Li+ Battery 36V 20Ah
PCB integrated in weather proof housing. Max Amps: 20 Amps, Mosfet: IRFB4110, Die cast Aluminium casing
Display Console
Battery gauge and power assist level selection. 37V nominal, 5 level Power Assist.
Throttle / PAS / Bimodal modes
Spanninga Micro FF, RL 980 high power LED
option: Front light: eZee L1200


“With suspension forks, puncture resistant tyres and disc hydraulic brakes, this is an all-surface bike that’s great for everything from commuting to touring.” – Conde Nast Traveller