eZee Expedir – The Best Cargo / Utility Bike

Expedir Cargo Utility Bike

After many years of market research and experience with manufacturing cargo bikes for other labels, we have finally designed and manufactured our own eZee Expedir.  The advantages are as follows :

The frame is made with aircraft steel CrMo 4130  that has very high strength but with flexibility to give a comfortable ride vs.  Al alloy.  This allowed a design with very low step thru’ and therefore easy handling of the bike with heavy load and children at the carrier, as the rider could easily get down from the bike and keep it steady.

While some cargo bikes have 20”rear wheel, it does not necessarily has a lower carrier deck height from the ground, but there is clear disadvantage for riding cadence with a 20”wheel. It would need a lot more turns or RPM per given distance, and it would be take a lot of pedaling unless the chain wheel in front is exceptionally large.   The Expedir has a 24”rear wheel, the advantage is better riding cadence but yet has 2” lower carrier height vs. 26” wheel.  At this height it could also comfortably accommodate an adult passenger.  The 26” front wheel with motor bring it up to speed.  There is a clear advantage with front wheel motor and a rear wheel driven by the rider, you get 2 wheels drive which is a advantage in many instances.

The total length or wheel base is shorter than most other similar cargo which are very long and intimidating, but Expedir has a 700mm / 27.5”carrier deck, that could readily fit 2 child seats. It is easy to handle even for the less confident riders.

The Expedir is powered by the well proven eZee drive system with front hub planetary geared motor with high torque and speed and ease of operation.  The wheel has 8 or 9 speed sprockets and derailleur or Shimano Alfine 8 internal hub gear, and with Disc brakes at front and rear wheel, with options for hydraulic brakes Magura MT4N-e.


Chrome Molybdenum 4130 steel
Step-Thru Frame Seat Tube Height: 17”
Cr Mo 4130 steel

Shimano Alivio 9 speed sprocket  ( option Shimano Alfine 8 ), 48T Prowheel Al Alloy Chainwheel,  KMC Z99 RB Rust resistant chain.


Shimano Alivio 9 speed sprocket  ( option Shimano Alfine 8 ), 48T Prowheel Al Alloy Chainwheel,  KMC Z99 RB Rust resistant chain.


Front 26″  eZee  SP 19 Alloy twin wall Rims,
Sandvik T-306 SUS Spokes 13g, Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tyres, Polycarbonate Fenders


Cat-Eye Velo 8 Cycle computer, Brass bell,  Wide heavy duty steel central kick stand. AXA Defender Lock, Side protection / safety board for rear wheel,  window for Yebb child seat.

Electric System


eZee Front Motor – EU 250W: 25km/h. USA 500W: 20 mph, AU 200W
Polished die cast Aluminum motor hub. Option: Anodized black hub


Li+ Battery 36V 19Ah, = 684 Wh ,  range 50 – 90 KM,   5 amps Smart Charger
Option: Li+ Battery 36V 28Ah range 70 – 100 km


36 – 48V . Max Amps: 25 Amps, Mosfet: IRFB4110, Die cast Aluminium casing,  Dual operation mode or Pedelec for EU EN 15194

Display Console

Interface and LED display Battery gauge and 5 power assist level selection.
Throttle / PAS / Bimodal modes


Head light with latest high power 400 Lumen LED light with anti-glare, RL 980 high power LED


Weight w/o Battery (kgs)


Wheel base (mm)


Length (mm)


Min. Seat tube height from Ground


Head stem to seat tube


Rear carrier height from Ground


Max width (Base loader installed )



“The bike is great – we just love it. My husband was a bit scoffy about getting an electric bike but he absolutely loves it too. He is the first to offer to duck out and grab something from the shop and takes off on it regularly.”
– L, Northern Beaches“I didn’t know how much I’d love it until I started to use it as my regular commuting vehicle. I drop my son at preschool and then ride into the city. Being electric, I don’t arrive tired or sweaty. I just have a suit at work to change into so I can ride in comfy gear. And I am getting an hour of exercise I wouldn’t otherwise get. My son loves it too and asks “can we take the bike today?” – P, Dulwich Hill